Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have been on the hunt for a great skin smoother, or pore refiner for awhile now. I have read about how others have liked certain ones, but when trying them I haven't been sold. I came across an ad a few weeks ago for Loreal Miracle Blur, kind of read it and then moved on. Then I swear I kept coming across it, or it would pop into my mind. So while wondering through the aisles of Target I saw that is was on sale. So I picked up a bottle and while checking out, the cashier swiped another $2.00 off coupon for it. So I got it for about $16.99. Total score! (especially since the ones I have tried in the past have been above $30).
This is such a hidden gem! Most people don't want to share their beauty secrets, but I want all of you to know anything I know about great beauty products, this being no exception. I love how the product goes on, I love the way my makeup stays in place for hours longer & truly my skin looks so much healthier when I have it on. So run to Target and pick this up while its on sale. I also have found some coupons you can print out to get it for an even better price here

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