Monday, April 8, 2013

My Weekend

This weekend was a lazy one for me. I spent much of my time in front of the TV listening to my church conference, you can read about it here. But I also found some things to keep me busy. 

1. Coconut Oil Hair Mask- I use coconut oil for cooking, a body oil and now my hair. I applied some to wet hair and left it on for about 15-20mins. Then shampoo/conditioned as normal. I now have a whole new texture to my hair & loving it. Try it our for yourselves. 

2. I have finally found myself the perfect "Barbie pink" nail polish. It's Revlon- "Pink Lingerie". You can pick it up at your local Target. I have never used the top speed drying ones, but am now sold on them. I think this is the first manicure I have done on myself that hasn't smudged minutes later.

This what it looks like on
3. I found my new favorite song, "One Grain of Sand"- by Ron Pope. It honestly has been on repeat in the house, shower & car. Obsessed! Check it out here

4. Although the weather has not been allowing me to wear shorts all the time, a girl can still dream right? I have been eyeing a bunch of cut offs lately, but decided to make my own out of jeans I haven't worn in awhile, if not years. I'm pretty happy with the outcome

Happy Monday!

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