Monday, March 25, 2013


Today comes a DIY and a simple one at that. I tend to get on Pinterest and think that I can conquer my house, kitchen and on really good days Home Depot. Then once all the things are bought and I come home, reality sets in and a project gets 60% finished. Its a fault I'm working on :)

DIY: Inspirational Board

Items needed:
Old frame with cardboard print/purchased foam board
1 yard of fabric
Stapler and staples

Step 1: Measure your fabric over the foam board. I bought 1 yard, because I wanted my fabric print to go a certain way, but now I have extra for another project. (you could always take your foam board measurements and get less). 

Step 2: Leave about a 1 inch remainder of fabric around the entire board. Cut any remaining fabric off. 

Step 3: Take your stapler and open it up, so that you now have more access to use it where ever you would like on the board. Then staple all around your board. *Remember to pull your fabric tight each time you go to staple* 

*When going around the corners, cut a triangle out of the fabric. This allows the fabric to fold over without creating a bulky corner, which would make it hard for you to put in a frame later*

Hope you like your new Inspiration Board. You have so many options on how to use it. Use it to put your home ideas on, your TO DO lists, or put your kids art work all in one place. 
The ideas are endless!


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